OK / Nope Socks - Baby Alpaca

OK / Nope Socks - Baby Alpaca

from 18.00

52% Baby Alpaca, 43% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Knit ethically and sustainably in Peru

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

They say people vote with their feet. Nope socks literally let your feet do the talking. Our soft baby alpaca socks are warm and cozy but breathable and not sweaty at all. Are you going to enjoy our socks? We hope the answer is not "Nope".

Size Small: fits most women's feet sizes, and men's feet size 9 and smaller

Size Large: fits women's feet size 10 and larger, and most men's feet sizes

1 pair - $30

Combo pack of 2 pairs, one pair each style - $50

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