We Are Alpacas Book

We Are Alpacas Book

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We get asked a lot of questions about our baby alpaca! Is it soft? Does it come from a baby? Is it eco friendly?

We answer all these questions and more, in our book, We Are Alpacas!

Beautifully illustrated by Liana Jegers, We Are Alpacas is 16 pages of pure alpaca joy!

Can't get enough alpaca in your life? The Alpaca Starter Pack is for you. 1 book + 1 alpaca toy (hand made in Peru) + 1 reusable gift box = a fun and educational gift. Alpaca toys are hand made in Peru, therefore no two are alike. Your alpaca may differ from the one pictured, but we promise they're all super cute. <3

We Are Alpacas:
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