Sky Hat

Sky Hat

57.00 115.00

100% Baby Alpaca

Hand knit ethically and sustainably in Peru

Dry Clean Only

Adult size fits most heads 22-24" around (model measures 22.5")

Has anyone ever accused you of having your head in the clouds? Well we want to know, what’s so wrong with that? This hat is perfect for daydreaming, regular dreaming, and scheming. In sky blue or cloudy gray, the yarn was hand dyed in an eco-friendly dye house to mimic the organic look of the sky above us. Hand knit from super soft baby alpaca yarn, wear this hat guilt-free knowing that the person who made it earned a fair wage working in a safe facility. This hat will warm your head and your heart.

Our hand dyed yarns were made in collaboration with a Fair Trade certified dye house.

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