The World is Yours Hat

The World is Yours Hat

57.00 115.00

100% Baby Alpaca

Hand knit ethically and sustainably in Peru

Dry Clean Only

One size fits most heads 20-24" around

When I started Poppy + Pima, “the world is yours” became my mantra, the phrase I would say to myself when my anxiety and self doubt took over. I knitted the phrase into a hat so I could wear my affirmation proudly, not knowing that others would respond positively to my own motivational pep talk. Turns out I’m not the only one who needs a little self affirmation every once in a while! Wear this hat when you need to quiet the voice inside that says you can’t do it, or give it to someone else who needs a positive boost.

Hand knit from super soft baby alpaca yarn, this hat is like a wearable hug.

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